Proze Studios x Gomi: When streetwear ignites the flame.

Proze Studios x Gomi : Quand le streetwear embrase la flamme.

Fashion is much more than just clothing. It is a way of life, a declaration, a story that is woven between the past, the present and the future. At Proze Studios, we're constantly looking for ways to go beyond clothing. And in September, we will take a new step with Gomi .

Beyond Clothing: The Proze Lifestyle Experience

Through our collections, our mission has always been clear: to enrich the lives of our customers with timeless and durable streetwear. But today, our vision is evolving. We want to support our customers on a daily basis, not only with clothing, but also by offering them a complete lifestyle experience.

Our dream ? Create a Proze community where everyone can express themselves, share and experience unique moments. The goal is to establish an ecosystem in which our customers can fully immerse, live and breathe the aesthetic and values ​​of Proze Studios.

When Proze meets Gomi: Streetwear ignites the flame

Our first step in this new direction is an exciting collaboration with Gomi, artisan candles designed in Versailles that awaken the senses. Like us, they cherish craftsmanship, sustainability and the deep meaning behind each creation.

Gomi is much more than just a candle brand. It is a reflection of images and memories that mark. With a crackling wood wick, minimalist aesthetic, 100% plant-based soy wax and a commitment to sustainability, they are the perfect partner for our first foray into the world of lifestyle.

The essence of collaboration

The exclusive capsule, the result of this union, is a perfect blend of style and sensoriality. It features a distinctive Proze Studios t-shirt and an exceptional scented candle, exuding deep, comforting notes of fig and sandalwood. These products promise to embody the very essence of what we seek to create: a complete experience that combines comfort, style and the senses. And, while staying true to our respective roots, this collaboration aims to elevate every aspect of our customers' daily lives.

The promise of a bright future

This collaboration is just the beginning. Proze is about to embark on an exciting journey, with the ambition to support its customers beyond textiles. We are convinced that Proze, strengthened by partnerships like the one with Gomi, will become a force to be reckoned with in the lifestyle space.

So, get ready. On September 9, the lifestyle revolution begins. And we are delighted that you are by our side to experience this moment.

In the meantime, check out our video “Behind the collab”