Proze Studios, L'ambition de vous accompagner au-delà du vêtement.

Proze Studios, The ambition to support you beyond clothing.

Proze, the Parisian brand of sustainable and timeless streetwear, is about to begin a new phase of its development. Since its creation in 2020, our ambition has always been to offer quality clothing that reflects our values ​​of responsibility and ecology. Today, we want to go even further by supporting our customers on a daily basis, and not only through our clothes, but also by offering a real lifestyle experience. And what better way to start this new adventure than an unprecedented collaboration?

The Proze Studios lifestyle:

Our goal is to create a real community around Proze by offering a lifestyle experience that encompasses much more than clothing. We want to offer our customers a range of products and experiences that reflect their lifestyle, their passions and their values. The idea is to create an ecosystem around Proze, where our customers can meet, discuss and share privileged moments.

The collaboration for a new beginning:

To mark the beginning of this new era, we have decided to partner with another brand that shares the same values ​​and the same vision of lifestyle. This collaboration, still kept secret, will be unveiled very soon. We are convinced that it will seduce our community and attract new followers of the Proze brand.

Together, we will create an exclusive capsule that embodies our ambition to offer a complete and coherent lifestyle experience. This collaboration will be the starting point for a series of initiatives aimed at enriching Proze's offer and strengthening its positioning as a must-have lifestyle brand.

Conclusion :

Proze is ready to write a new chapter in its history by supporting its customers beyond clothing. Thanks to this first collaboration and the future initiatives we have planned, we are convinced that Proze will become a reference in the field of lifestyle. So stay tuned and get ready to experience the new era of Proze Studios!

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