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Proze Studios, the story of a passion come true.

Proze Studios, l'histoire d'une passion devenue réalité.

Proze's story began in 2018, when Thomas Pouget Roze, then a fashion school student, was desperate for sustainable and responsible streetwear clothing. Aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, he avoided the fast fashion and was frustrated with the lack of ethical and local options.

This is how the idea of ​​creating his own clothes was born. It all started with a cap embroidered with a logo representing two roses, in connection with the designer's name. This cap quickly became a symbol of Proze's identity, accompanying our founder wherever he went – ​​parades, parties, events. Compliments and questions about the origin of the cap were not long in flowing, and in the face of this craze, he decided to put it up for sale on Instagram. The success was immediate: in a few weeks, more than 100 orders were placed.

It was then that our founder realized he had something special. Coinciding with his graduation project at Mode Estah, he decided to try the adventure with Proze. After a year of hard work, he received one of the highest marks in his promotion and even landed support with a crowdfunding platform to officially launch the brand.

In December 2020, the crowdfunding campaign was launched with a pre-order mini-collection. Less than a month later, the fundraising goal was reached. The hype around Proze Studios was starting to mount on social media, and the excitement was at its height.

However, life has a surprising way of reminding us to always expect the unexpected. The following March 17, confinement was declared, and for two months, everything stopped. The fashion industry has been hit hard, making clothing production nearly impossible. Our founder's motivation was sorely tested, and he accepted a position in a start-up to ensure his financial stability.

Despite this challenge, the passion for Proze never died out. Thomas continued to launch small "drops" from time to time, rekindling the flame that had ignited the project. Seeing Proze Studios worn by athletes and celebrities has been an inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries of the brand.

Finally, to fully realize his vision, our founder made the bold choice to abandon his permanent contract and devote himself 100% to Proze. This is the adventure he has chosen to live, and every day he works tirelessly to transform his passion into a recognized and respected brand.

Today, Proze Studios is more than just a clothing brand: it's a movement that embodies authenticity and empowerment. We are proud of our commitment to creating timeless and durable clothing, which allows everyone to express their style every day.

As Proze continues to grow and evolve, we are committed to staying true to our original vision and mission. We want to inspire and educate our community on the importance of responsible and sustainable fashion, and we look forward to sharing our new collections, collaborations and exciting upcoming projects. Together, we believe we can help change the face of the fashion industry and create a more eco-friendly future.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure and discover how Proze Studios transformed a simple cap into a brand that is shaping the future of sustainable streetwear fashion.