Proze Studios, when streetwear becomes timeless and sustainable.

Proze Studios is a Parisian brand born from a desire to create timeless, durable clothing adapted to your daily life.

Inspired by a streetwear wardrobe, Proze Studios pieces are mostly made and printed in Portugal and France.

Thomas Pouget Roze, Founder

"The idea of ​​creating Proze Studios was born in 2018 when I was studying in fashion school and I became aware of the considerable impact of fast fashion and ephemeral trends on our planet. This observation made me pushed to design clothes designed to last, not only to respect our environment, but also to enhance our purchasing power.

Proze Studios was born from this vision: to create timeless streetwear, quality pieces that will stand the test of time. We don't just follow trends, we create clothes that will survive the seasons and the years, both in their manufacture and in their design.

Our ambition is to give everyone the opportunity to consume in a more thoughtful way, favoring clothes that last, rather than fashionable and disposable items.

At Proze Studios, we believe that true streetwear lies not in the ephemeral and hype, but in durability, comfort and everyday adaptability."

The creation of our clothes focuses on materials and craftsmanship. We work in close and direct collaboration with our partner workshops in Portugal and France. This allows us to track every aspect of our garments, ensuring exceptional quality and reducing the impact of our productions. Every choice we make, every little decision, contributes to the function and durability of our products.

We do all of this in hopes of creating pieces that will earn a lasting place in your life, quality streetwear clothing that stands the test of time.